Can this advert turn you veggie?

The internet advert that’s caused a huge ripple this Christmas, and it’s not even from one of the big supermarkets.

Yes, this year, Vodafone have made us veggies cry with joy, and won PETA’s Compassionate Marketing Award.

If you haven’t seen it yet, please watch, then read the rest of this post, as it contains spoilers!

When I first saw this and my heart filled with joy and I must admit that there were tears. Finally! A Christmas advert which shows true compassion for animals. We can all have a tasty Christmas dinner whilst allowing our fellow animals to live in peace.

As a vegan, I am of course against the use of animals for entertainment and profit. However, the message in this advert spreads far and wide and could potentially save millions of turkeys from going to slaughter, by making others question their choice of Christmas meal.

The turkeys used in this advert were in fact sent to a sanctuary after – saved from their previous fate, having been bred for slaughter. Not all turkeys will be so lucky this year.

So, thank you Vodafone for your compassionate message and for spreading the vegan word far and wide. You’ve truly touched the hearts of many.

Please, consider how this advert makes you feel. Is your Christmas dinner worth suffering and death? Wouldn’t it be more generous to allow turkeys (and other animals)to live in peace?

Please consider a nut roast this Christmas – my own recipe will follow in the coming weeks.

And remember, a nut roast is not just for Christmas. It can be for life.


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