Home… Smell The Hedgerow

I was just pondering on how many posts I write about candles and making your home smell nice. To be honest, I seem to have an obsession in the range that suggests I have a really awful smelling home, or that I think everyone else’s homes smell like a pig sty.

I must clear this up – it’s really just a love of new and interesting smells. It’s my way to relax and distinguish between busy time and quiet, shut down time. There’s nothing quite like lighting a candle on a cold, dark evening and letting the scents fill your nose and the light add a lovely, natural warmth to the room.

I love smells that remind me of the season. I’ll often light cinnamon at Christmas, and there’s nothing like a fruity smell in spring. However, I also like to remind myself that spring is on the way in the darkness of January. And that’s where this gorgeous Blackberry & Bay cupped candle from Blaze On is the perfect companion to an evening of rest and relaxation.


The gorgeous range of cupped candles from Blaze On are hand-poured and there are limited numbers of each fragrance. Each one is beautifully packaged, and burns for 20-25 hours, being made of a natural soy wax blend.

I absolutely loved the scent of the Blackberry & Bay. It really appealed to me as it’s such an usual candle fragrance, and it was so beautiful and subtle. It reminds me of picking blackberries with my parents when I was a child.


The candle comes in a lovely white, ceramic cup, which is also handmade. One of my favourite things about this candle is it’s totally waste free, as the wax is water soluble and the cup can therefore be used for long after the candle has burned down.

The perfect ethical gift and home decoration. Blaze On trade fairly, leaving no unsavoury effects on the human population. The soya wax is natural, so leaves no pollutants in the air. The cup is reusable and leaves no waste in landfill. It certainly ticks all of my boxes.

With thanks to Blaze On for providing me with this product free of charge. All opinions are my own.

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