Love Shea – Key Lime Pie Body Moisturiser

I absolutely adore multi-use beauty products, and I’ve discovered a wonderful Shea Butter moisturiser from Love Shea which is suitable for both hair and body. I have to admit to not having dry enough hair to use this kind of product for this purpose, but I’m sure that many of you do. I’ll therefore be reviewing it with regards to use as a body lotion, but do remember it has more than one purpose!


Introducing the Keylime Organic Shea Soufflé – yes, it smells as good as it sounds, but please don’t try to eat it!

This lovely body/hair butter is basically a combination of shea butter that has been whipped up with a range of oils and essential oils. The result is an absolutely amazing soft, light and fluffy texture. It even makes a bubbly/crackling sound when you scoop it out. I must confess, I got so distracted by the amazing feel of it, I ended up playing with it for ages before remembering I still had dry legs that needed attention!

It has a rather oily feel to it once it melts, but when applied to the skin it sinks it really quickly. So refreshing, and those wonderful lemon and lime oils are really zingy and give you a lovely awake and alert feeling. Absolutely perfect for topping up your skin’s moisture after shaving, or for dry winter legs.

Your feet will thank you if you also give them a little attention with this gorgeous shea – it is the quickest way to give tired feet a little life. It has the same kind of cooling, refreshing effect as using a peppermint foot lotion, only somehow better. Heaven for feet!

There are other lovely scents available, including Bakewell tart and chocolate – yummy! All Love Shea products are hand-made in England. They are completely natural, organic, paraben free, cruelty free and vegan. They are also packaged in glass jars and recycling is actively supported.

I’m absolutely in love with my new moisturiser – I can’t wait to try the rest of the range!

Thanks for reading – have a wonderful day!

This review has been organised by the VEGAN Lifestyle ASSOCIATION. It has not been paid for and the products were sent free of charge. This is my genuine and unbiased review of the product.

Love Shea Skincare is listed with the VLA and offers Associates a 15% discount and you can take advantage of this here.

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