Lovely Vegan Lashes, Without Breaking the Bank!

It can be hard to find a really good quality, natural and organic vegan mascara for under £10 these days. I usually don’t mind – I’m very happy to pay more money for good ethics and a natural product, but I’m also equally delighted when I can get these products at the bargain price of £7.95!


And from the wonderfully modern brand, Benecos. A high quality, natural range of cosmetics which are fully BDIH certified and contain no chemical nasties. They also use organic ingredients wherever possible, which is just fantastic!

I was delighted when I saw that Benecos had introduced several new vegan products to their range, and this lovely steel grey mascara is one of them. There is also a black variety, but I’m always buying black mascara, so I thought I’d step outside my comfort zone a little, and I’m rather glad I did.

The wand is perfect for application, and the mascara simply glides on. If you want a fair bit of volume, just apply a few coats. One coat gives a nice, subtle effect. I love the colour, particularly on days where I don’t need a really bold look, yet it doesn’t look so much different to black that anyone would really notice, as it’s still quite dark.

It does last well on my lashes, although it’s not waterproof (and I didn’t expect it to be). So if you shed the odd tear at a soppy movie, expect to shed a little mascara too!

At just £7.95 on the MyPure website, I’m delighted with the quality and look of this product. It’s just as effective as my usual mascara brands, and at a fraction of the price. No eye itching, no irritation, no redness.

I can’t wait to try the rest of the vegan options from Benecos!

This product was provided to me free of charge by MyPure for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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