Love Perfume, Love Acorelle.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever thought about what goes into making the perfume you happily spritz onto your skin on a regular basis.

Many perfumes contain a mix of chemicals that have been linked to hormone disruption and cancer. Many of the ingredients in perfumes can also lead to allergies, and affect those with asthma and eczema. Ingredients commonly found in perfumes are phthalates (hormone disruptors), artificial colours, artificial musk (hormone disruptors, found to pass into breast milk) and various other synthetic chemicals.

Manufacturers are not legally obliged to divulge the complete list of ingredients, which I think is rather naughty. I prefer to take no chances, and use only natural perfumes, or a blend of essential oils (mixed with a carrier) rubbed onto my pulse points.


I was sent a bottle of Acorelle’s Tea Garden Eau Fraiche. A gentle blend of lemon and cedar which is meant to contribute to alertness and positive energy.

Acorelle is a French range of certified organic fragrance, skin care, body care and baby care.  They offer a beautiful selection of 100% natural perfumes, eau-de-toilette, and eau fraiche. They are completely free from synthetic chemicals.

I found the Tea Garden scent to be really refreshing and definitely uplifting. I found it was the perfect antidote to a Monday morning – a bright, fresh and cheery smell. The lemon and cedar fragrances are really clear and it smells exactly as I expected it to, with no muddles of other scents or artificial, overly strong chemical smells.

Eau Fraiche doesn’t last as long as regular perfume, but it gives a nice, delicate fragrance for a few hours, and you only need to use a little each time.

At £20 for a bottle on the MyPure website, I think it’s great value for money and I can’t wait to try the rest of the range.

This product was provided free of charge by MyPure for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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