Living Nature… Mineral Powder Perfection

I love mineral foundation. Mostly because it’s a natural product, without a tonne of chemicals thrown in, but also because it gives a great coverage and a very fresh and natural look. For every day make-up, I prefer to look as though I’m not caked in the stuff!

My only problem with mineral make-up is that they come mostly in loose powder form – this very quickly travels around the bathroom (or anywhere else you are applying your make up) and I find make-up dust just about everywhere! I therefore love a pressed powder version, and it’s also so much easier to apply when on the go.


On the hunt for the perfect pressed mineral foundation, I’ve tried out a number of different brands over the past months – from the cheapest and now to one of the most expensive (thanks to MyPure).

This Luminous Pressed Powder from Living Nature will set you back £28 for the compact, but it is an absolutely wonderful addition to any make-up bag.

It comes in three shades – deep, medium and light. As I have a super pale complexion, I opted for the light. Sometimes the lightest can make me look like a ghost, whereas the next one up is too dark. Not in this case, the colouring is absolutely perfect. When applying with a sponge it simply glides on – it almost has a liquid feel and it’s so quick and simple to create an even, natural coverage, with a lovely shimmery glow.

I love using this powder – it really makes my morning make-up routine that bit faster. Just a little bit of mineral foundation, a few swipes of this foundation and a dusting of finish powder and blusher. So much quicker than the kabuki brush and loose powder – not to mention, much less messy!

This powder is very gentle on the skin, and contains manuka and tea tree oils, which keep the skin clean and clear from bacteria. Even wearing this over my oily skin, I don’t find my pores getting clogged up. Perfect for the summer months!

As with everything I review, this product is vegan and cruelty free. Whoever said natural isn’t as good as all that chemical laden stuff out there?

This product was sent to me free of charge by MyPure for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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