The Friendly Facial Cleansing Bar

When I saw the new range of gorgeous sounding soaps from Friendly Soap on the MyPure website, I just knew I had to try the cocoa butter facial cleansing one. Mostly because I’ve always hated using bars of soap on my face (dry, tight skin, requiring lots of moisturiser afterwards) and I wanted to see if this one was going to be the exception… and it most certainly was!


This is not your average bar of soap. It has only three main ingredients and a little water. 1/3 cocoa butter, 1/3 coconut oil and 1/3 olive oil. When you open the box and give it a smell, you’d be forgiven for thinking you could eat it!

There are absolutely no harsh ingredients in this soap – nothing to dry your skin. Just the opposite – it’s packed 100% full with skin nourishing, moisturising oils, and it feels absolutely amazing. It lathers up really easily with a little water and it has a slinky soft feel beneath your hands – in fact, before you even get to your face, you can give your hands a mini massage!

And the results on my face – cleans amazing well, feels fantastic and not a hint of dry, taut skin. I also read up that it’s meant to have great results for anyone with problem skin, such as ezcema, and other dry skin conditions. My husband suffers from rosacea, so I thought I’d let him have a try. Wow! It really calmed the redness and made his breakout at the time reduce much more quickly than usual.

I think this will be a regular addition to our household from now on! It’s definitely more than just a simple bar of soap. And at just £2.69 a bar, it’s fantastic value for money!

Do check out the other soaps in the Friendly Soap range – I can’t wait to try them myself!

This product was sent to me free of charge by MyPure for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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