Biodegradable Beauty from Sukin

I don’t think I’m the only woman who suffers from dry, itchy skin after shaving. Unfortunately, it’s one of the curses of summer. Of course, I don’t believe that women should have to shave their legs. If you have the desire and the confidence to run free with hairy legs, then that’s absolutely fantastic. I personally, just feel better with shaved legs. So, if you’re a hair remover, I would highly recommend this wonderful body crème from Sukin.


It’s a really rich cream made with cocoa, sesame, jojoba and shea butters – none of this runny – need half a bottle to actually do anything – stuff. Just good, thick, slather it on and feel the moisture sinking in. It contains aloe vera and evening primrose, which provide the wonderful cooling and soothing effect. I do find it works almost instantly – especially if applied as soon as you’ve dried yourself off after showering.

Of course, this body cream does not have to be reserved for post-shaving alone, it’s a wonderful all rounder. Great for dry skin in general – and actually rather perfect as an after sun alternative – although with the weather we’ve had lately, there hasn’t been much call for that!

With the fantastic scents of lemon myrtle and lime, there’s also a bit of a fresh and vibrant feeling to this cream. Great for a Monday morning, post shower pick me up – and a particular good summer scent. Not too strong or overpowering, just right.

Sukin are a lovely family Australian brand, with a mission to provide natural beauty products which are both high quality and affordable. Their credentials are impressive, being 100% carbon neutral, cruelty free and vegan. Not only that, every single product is biodegradable – wow!

You can buy this lovely tub of moisture for £16.28 on the MyPure website, as well as the rest of the wonderful range, which I’m looking forward to trying myself!

 This product was sent to me free of charge by MyPure for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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