Random Food… Just Gluten Free & Vegan Bakery

I’ve made a new food discovery – one of the best gluten free ranges I’ve ever tried – and they’re registered with The Vegan Society! Smiles and happy tummies all round!


So far, I’ve tried the delicious hot cross buns and the delightful brioche style buns. I stood in Waitrose when I saw these and did a little squeal of delight upon seeing the Vegan Society logo. I’m so used to turning over a pack of gluten free anything and finding it contains egg or milk, and grumbling in disappointment.


And to top it all, they don’t contain palm oil! Vegan cheers all round!

Just in case you’re wondering, the lush looking – and tasting – burger inside the bun is a Linda McCartney 1/4 Pounder – completely gluten free and vegan too!

Food choices are getting better for us vegans with allergies. Thanks to my local Waitrose for stocking the range from Just:.


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