Veganuary… Let’s Make London Vegan

Be a part of history in action. Make London Vegan …


What a wonderful thought.

Is it possible, I hear you cry?

Well, with millions of tube users passing through London on a daily basis, the wonderful people at Veganuary have seen a crowdfunding opportunity too huge to miss.

An opportunity which could save millions more animals than they already save with their annual campaign, to encourage people to try going vegan for January (and hoping they stay vegan for life).

Click the link below to view the campaign and watch the video.


Tempting eh?

With 2000 adverts inside tube carriages, that’s a huge audience. A captive audience, and a good chance of getting a huge sign up rate for Veganuary 2017.

With 81% of 2016 participants pledging to stay vegan after January, the potential for success is simply enormous!

If you want to be part of this campaign, just £12 will buy a tube advert. Think of how many animals just one advert could save – such a bargain.

Please help Veganuary help animals, by making this historical advertising campaign a reality.

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