Nutri-brex – A Gluten Free Way to Start Your Day!

Do you miss the flavour and texture of Weetabix? When you can’t eat wheat, it’s something you get used to, and you patiently await the day that someone, somewhere, invents a wonder product that fills the gap in the market (and in your tummy).


Sorghum is an ancient grain, which grows tall like corn, and has most often been used as a sweetener or animal feed. However, sorghum can also be used as a substitute for wheat when ground into flour. It can also be popped like corn, used in risotto or made into tasty breakfast cereals like Nutri-brex – hole in the tummy solved!


Nutri-brex is gluten free and completely vegan. It comes in two varieties – plain, 96% sorghum with a little golden syrup, salt and some lovely B vitamins. Or there’s the tasty Coconut & Crispy Rice option – this contains a little more sugar.

My favourite is actually the plain one – I find it almost exactly like Weetabix in texture and flavour. And it’s super filling and satisfying for breakfast. It doesn’t need much extra sweetness, but I like to add a little low GI coconut sugar, and I eat it with my favourite planet milk, Koko. A healthy and delicious breakfast.

You can pick up a box of Nutri-brex in many local stores including Holland & Barratt, Tesco & Sainsbury’s. It’s also available if you do your online shopping with Ocado, like me! And it’s coming to Waitrose very soon.

 I was sent this product free of charge by Nutri-brex. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Asma says:

    Hi i bought nutri brex gluten free before lock down and please tell me how long can i use these

    1. Hi. I don’t work for Nutribrex, but go by the date on the package. 🙂

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