My Yuyo Yerba Mate Mission

I’m on a mission. And that mission is to spread the word about the wonders of yerba mate. A wonderful South American beverage made by steeping the ground leaves and stems of the yerba mate plant.  This ‘super plant’ has a host of fantastic health benefits, yet it’s simply not as famous as tea or coffee here in Europe – and I think it deserves to be!

The lovely people at Yuyo want this to be the month you start to hear about yerba mate. As a yerba mate ambassador, I have a selection of Yuyo’s lovely loose leaf mate, as well as their simple infusion bags to sample. I’ve tried the bags before, but the loose leaf is new ground for me.


Health Benefits

High in theobromine – the feel-good compound found in cacao.

Natural caffeine – roughly the same amount as a cup of coffee.

More antioxidants than green tea.

A huge number of micronutrients and anti-inflammatory saponins.

Metabolism boosting.


Its unique composition means that each cup gives a more sustained lift than a cup of coffee – without the crash – and more antioxidants than herbal and green tea.

How to Drink Yerba Mate

I’m very familiar with making a lovely morning refresher with the infusion bags, but the Mateo was all new to me…




The Mateo is made from – BPA Free – silicone, and is a modern twist on traditional South American yerba mate cups, traditionally carved from hollowed out gourds. The metal ‘Bombilla’ is a straw and sieve all in one – so you can drink through the filter.

All you have to do is spoon enough yerba mate into the mateo to cover the ball at the base of the bombilla (straw), then add water at around 70-80 degrees (slightly cooled kettle). You then keep topping up with water over a period of time, so you use the same leaves for several drinks. It’s good to remember to space this out, as that’s quite a dose of caffeine!

I love Yerba Mate, because despite by usual lack of ability of tolerate caffeine, I can actually handle this without the shakes, or the slightly woozy feeling that drinking a cup of coffee would usually result in for me!

I was very impressed with the loose yerba mate – it’s much more of an experience than when using the bags (although the grapefruit zing and mint flavours are divine). The infusion has a really grassy, slightly smoky flavour. I found that the roasted loose leaves had a much more earthy taste and this was definitely my favourite.

Lots of people in the office were curious about my mateo, so it gave me a good chance to spread the yerba mate word!

I’m still to try some more creative ways to use yerba mate – I’ve been given a lovely smoothie recipe to try, and I’m definitely going to give that a shot at the weekend. So there will be more posts to come on my experiments!

If you’d like to find out more about Yerba Mate and enter Yuyo’s fantastic competition, just click here. You can buy Yuyo from the Yuyo website, Ocado, Planet Organic, Wholefoods and some independents.


I am a Yuyo Ambassador and have therefore been sent these products free of charge for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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