Random Food… Amazing new Vegan & Gluten Free dessert hits the high street!

Zizzi won our hearts a while back when they introduced their own vegan “cheese” and coconut ice cream. I’ve enjoyed eating their luscious melty cheese on the superb gluten free base, followed by a huge bowl of ice cream.

They’ve since added a couple more vegan mains to the menu including a lentil ragu (also gluten free if you swap the pasta) and a dessert calzone (unfortunately not gluten free but sounds epic).

Now, they’ve made me squeal with excitement at the launch of gluten free and vegan chocolate & praline torte. Chocolate AND Praline. My two favourite dessert flavours of all time! I am so happy, I may well be running to my nearest Zizzi tonight!


Zizzi I love you for your continued commitment to making vegans happy . And long may our love affair continue!

Follow this unique link to get £10 off your next meal at Zizzi and get your face in that chocolate & praline goodness!

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