Debut Single from Vegan Musician – Tally Spear

Vegan-British multi-instrumentalist Tally Spear, will be releasing her debut single ‘Wrong Side Of The Road’, on 5th May.


Offering a contemporary take on country-tinged Americana folk music, the young artist infuses her 60s leaning songwriting with driving drums, harmonised choruses and a sun-kissed demeanor, which soaked by the energised sound of a harmonica, unveils a poignant lyrical undertow conveying emotions far from simple.  Drawing inspiration from a range of classic talent, the influence of Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Nick Drake can be heard through the song’s organic folk-flecked sound.

I’ve listened to “Wrong Side of the Road” and absolutely love Tally’s raw, country vocals. You can watch the video by clicking on the image below:


Raised as a vegan, Tally is a keen animal rights advocate and this is reflected in her some of her writing. She recently played two Vegan festivals, Yogific Festival in Kingston and Vegfest in Brighton.

I love to interview vegan artists and musicians like Tally, asking questions that are often not seen in regular media. Here is the Q&A below:

I understand that you were raised as a vegan, how did you find that growing up?

Being raised as a vegetarian, I never knew anything different and therefore to me it was the natural and normal way of living. As a veggie child in the late 90’s and 2000’s I was a minority, as it wasn’t as common as it is today, so being teased or questioned was something that I learnt to expect and deal with. Now age 21 and a vegan, the movement is becoming more respected and popular with every day.

Growing up in an artistic household, did you always want to be a musician, or is it something that simply developed with encouragement?

I always got great pleasure from playing and being around music. As a young child, I observed my then teenage brother playing rock music with his band in our attic for years, and I think when you’re surrounded by instruments and music lovers as you grow up, it’s often going to rub off! My interest was hugely encouraged by my father, also a musician, who definitely spurred me to continue developing as a player and writer.


Do you include a vegan message/influence in your music, and how much influence does veganism have on your music in general?

Veganism/animal welfare is a big part of my life and one of my greatest passions. I think that my thoughts surrounding these areas do therefore infiltrate into my lyrics in implicit ways. I do however have a pro-vegan song I wrote for a vegan festival that is slightly more explicit in it’s message!  I believe music is a platform for expressing every kind of message, veganism no exception!

What are your other strong, ethical beliefs and do those influence your music?

Equality for all walks of life, compassion for all living things (I just the other week got a tattoo of Ahimsa to represent this way of living!) are my main beliefs. I don’t have many other strong beliefs other than these. I think that my writing is mainly revolved around insecurities and inadequacies I perceive in the world and in myself, and my desire to right these… so yes, beliefs are definitely a motive for writing…

What’s your favourite vegan food & where is the best placed you’ve travelled to for finding vegan options?

What a tricky question for a food lover. I don’t think I can pick a favourite. Dark chocolate is definitely the first thing that came to my mind though… I hear that L.A is just amazing for vegan food! I haven’t been yet, but plan to go next summer to check it out.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

Ah, to have music take me to places I’d never have gone, and to meet people I’d never have met!

Do you have any thoughts on how we can make the world a more ethical place?

Live with compassion for all other beings. Live with empathy and mindfulness.

Go vegan 😉

What is your favourite ethical brand?

Luckily, there are many cruelty free brands out there in make-up and clothing nowadays. To name one, I love Vegetarian Shoes in Brighton! Brighton is amazing for veggie food and clothes!


Thank you Tally for your wonderful answers.

‘Wrong Side Of The Road’ sees the 21 year old songwriter honing her musical skills and blossoming as a vivid storyteller. She may just be getting started, but with a live session recently filmed with Sofar Sounds and with live credentials that already include performances at Liverpool Sound City and Ronnie Scott’s, the new single looks to firmly catapult her into people’s consciousness.

“Wrong Side of the Road” launches tonight (3rd May 2017)  at the Troubadour. Click for tickets. Tally will also be playing the Pixie Lott Ella Guru Sessions on Thursday 4th May; with official release on 5th May.

Tally will also be playing at Brighton Vegan Summer Fest on 3rd & 4th June.

I look forward to catching a live performance at a future event.

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