Focus, Stay Awake… then Relax & Enjoy the Summer!

Sometimes modern life requires us to keep going when we’re tired, or stay focused when our brain doesn’t want to think. As a result, we can then find it hard to relax when it’s time to shut down.

So, if you’re a student studying for exams, a hard worker with long hours, or you simply want to be able to shut down after a long day, Bluebird Tea have something for everyone with their outstanding limited edition Exam Teas…


Appropriately named Hocus Focus (pictured on the right below) brings up images of Hogwarts and Harry Potter style spell casting for me. And it’s nothing short of a potion – a rich mix of yerba mate, cinnamon, ginger, ginko biloba, sarsaparilla, ginseng, chilli and a touch of natural flavouring! Yup, definitely something you’d brew up in potions class! It’s a really zingy cuppa and definitely peps me up during my afternoon slump.


My favourite of these two teas though is the super caffeine rich All Nighter – strange for me, as I usually don’t drink coffee, or anything overly caffeinated. But there is something deeply intoxicating about this blend. It has a rich, sweet aroma and taste – a result of a complex blend of sencha green tea, coffee beans, yerba mate, cocoa shells and cocoa nibs. My student days are a distant memory,  but I love a cup of this in the morning when I get to work, and I can buzz around my work-mates all day! Yes, those crazy Bluebirds have really put whole coffee beans into tea, and I love it!

If all the talk of caffeine is a little much for you, perhaps Relax will be your cuppa tea…


This beautiful blend of white tea, apple, chamomile, orange peel, valerian and lots of summery flowers, will take away your cares and concerns. Perhaps you need a mid-day stress buster, or a concoction to help you drift off to sleep. Either way, this one is for you. It’s truly a magical tea, with a deliciously soothing flavour, that is almost reminiscent of lemon sherbet. An absolutely beautiful tea, that will truly help you find your zen. I love a cup after my regular yoga practice.

So, if you fancy giving these teas a try, head on over to Bluebird. But don’t take too long, as they are all limited edition and unfortunately won’t be around forever.

If you’ve seen my Instagram and Twitter feeds lately, you’ll know that I’ve been sharing sneak peeks of the new summer range, that has just been launched! You can now find all of these on the website – they are all AMAZING but my favourite has to be Ginger Beer. I highly recommend it when you’re stocking up on the exam trio before they go!

Bluebird Tea Co. sent me these teas free of charge, for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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