Scrub Naturally with The Salt Parlour

If you already exfoliate your skin, you’ll know how good it feels, and you’ll be enjoying the benefits. Even skin tone, less spots, an even tan, a close shave, and a bright complexion. What’s not to love?

Well, some of the ingredients in exfoliating skin products are rather horrible. Including little tiny plastic particles called micro-beads. Not only are they bad for the skin, they’re awful for the environment. A consultation on a ban is due to be discussed soon, and many companies having committed to phasing them out by 2020, but this still isn’t enough. We need to stop using them now.


Even if micro-beads aren’t enough to put you off, there is often a cocktail of chemicals in many products, which may contain animal products and even be tested on animals.

For all of these reasons, you should be looking for natural, organic toiletries and beauty products. Keep an eye out for products which are marked as vegan and cruelty free.

There are some gorgeous hand-made products on the market now. These are often produced in small batches by individuals who care about your skin, about the environment and about animals. They are therefore very careful about the ingredients they use.


One of these wonderful companies is The Salt Parlour. They make the most divine salt and sulphur scrubs, using a simple combination of dead sea salts, organic sulphur, sugar, essential oils, vitamins, minerals and botanicals. Nothing that washes down the plughole will harm you or the environment – even their packaging is made without plastic. How wonderful.

Organic sulphur (Methyl Sulphonyl Methane) is known as the beauty mineral and is known to help sensitive and problematic skin by softening, reducing inflammation, repairing and promoting regeneration – it’s all starting to sound a bit Dr Who!


The Salt Parlour have several different varieties of scrub, and they sent me three to try – Repair, Detox and Energise.

My favourite was the Repair, with jasmine and green tea, not least because of the absolutely amazing smell that bursts from the tin when you open it. Every single one of these scrubs is wonderful and so easy to use. Simple massage into damp skin and rinse away. I’ve been using them on my face, as they are super gentle and I just love how smooth and fresh my skin feels afterwards.

Every single one of these scrubs from The Salt Parlour is totally cruelty free and vegan.  You can buy a tub on their website for just £15 and they often have special offers on their Facebook page. I can’t recommend them enough.

Some samples were sent to me free of charge from the Salt Parlour. All opinions are my own.

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