Join the Ethical Resistance… Star Wars Shoes!

In a galaxy not so far away, we are reaching a new and exciting phase in the realm of ethical footwear.  For a long time, Po-Zu have topped the Good Shopping Guide ethical rankings table for Footwear. Their shoes are made in a small, eco-friendly, ethical factory in Portugal, and their mission is to halt the damage that modern footwear manufacturing often causes to people and the planet.


I’m therefore incredibly excited to share with you the news that Po-Zu have just launched a new footwear range, in collaboration with Lucasfilm/Disney. Yes, you can really wear the replica shoes from Star Wars. And you can be assured that they were not made in a sweat shop.


And yes, us vegans can be rejoice as several pairs in the range are vegan. Well, what would the resistance be without vegans anyway?!

In fact, Po-Zu are well aware of the need to complete their ethical journey and are already investigating alternatives to leather for their future ranges. It takes 80 tons of forage to feed just one cow and that’s really not sustainable. For now, we can still enjoy several of the gorgeous designs in the range, but I look forward to the day when I can choose any shoe from the website.

The gorgeous men’s sneakers pictured above are 100% vegan, made from organic cotton and a solvent free eco-microfibre footbed. The sole is made from natural latex and the assembly is completely glue-less. Po-Zu use materials from naturally renewable sources, with no pesticides, bleaches or toxic dyes used in the manufacturing process.



And for me personally, this is where things get really exciting – Vegan Wookie boots! Eek! Made with faux fur and a built in shock absorbing coconut-fibre foot mattress.

If you’re the ultimate Star Wars geek (and that’s 100% a good thing) then perhaps you need your organic cotton sneakers adorned with the Millenium Falcon…


And for your mini Star Wars fans there’s also a kids range… so you can get your little troopers some fantastic shoes.

Personally, I love the Wookie boots, and I’ll have to get those added to my Christmas list, but I’m also holding out for Pozu to release a vegan version of Rey’s iconic boots, as sadly these are currently made with wool.

I’m so excited to see such a hugely ethical supplier partnering with such a iconic film in this way, to begin the journey of making ethical products more mainstream. In fact, Pozu are taking their merchandise to MCM Comic Con in London later this year. Ethics are no longer destined to remain in a galaxy far far away…



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