Save Waste… Say NO to Plastic Straws!

Plastic Straws. Do they bug you as much as they bug me? Thrown into a tall glass without so much as a, ‘Would you like a straw?’ Sometimes they double them up, because that’s what management requests!

Yes really, in some places (Centro Lounge), management actually requests that two straws are used per drink (soft drinks, cocktails etc…) so if you want to reduce your plastic footprint and save that straw from ending up in landfill, you’re going to have to get asking…


A minute on the lips, a lifetime in landfill.

Straws can end up lodged in the noses of sea turtles, or damaging the delicate stomachs of other sea creatures.


Yes, some straws are recyclable, but many are not. It depends on the plastic type and if the local recycling scheme accepts that plastic. It also depends highly on the company – I’ve seen most straws in most bars and restaurants thrown straight into the regular bin, mixed with all other waste, and I’m fairly certain they don’t dive through and sort those bins at the end of the day!

In many cases, the straw is even wanted in the drink – so even if some of the end up recycled, did they really need to be made in the first place? And if you do need a straw, or like to use one for hygiene/enjoyment, why not carry a reusable, metal or bamboo one with you?

Or, if you’d rather not do that,  how about contacting your local restaurants and bars to use an eco-friendly alternative.

My Straw-Less Iced Tea from Centro Lounge

 I have started writing to pubs, bars and restaurants and asking them to stop giving out straws automatically, and when they are used, to make sure they are recycled, or to switch to a more sustainable alternative.

Why not start by sending this email, or something similar to the pubs/restaurants you visit on a regular basis. Feel free to copy and paste…


I have noticed that you often put straws automatically into your drinks when ordered. If this is company policy, please can you only give a straw if requested?

It would be great for the environment if you could please consider using only recyclable plastic straws, paper straws or another sustainable option, and only give those if requested.

Kind regards,

Please share any replies or successes you get in the comments. I’d love to hear how the battle against plastic straws is going…

As always, thanks for reading!



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  1. I recently wrote a blog post about this topic! I hate it when bars and restaurants just put straws in your drink, I’ve started carrying steel straws with me but getting places to listen when you ask for your drink without a straw is proving pretty challenging!

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