Recipe… Super Easy “Cheesy” Greens

I came across this taste sensation by pure accident. I had a huge crop of fresh kale from the garden and wanted to create a tasty side dish. The result was tastier than I ever imagined and mostly thanks to nutritional yeast. It’s now my favourite comfort food!

It’s also the easiest side dish to make, and will take you around 5 minutes!

Ingredients & Directions

200g Organic Kale (Stalks Removed, Washed)

1 Teaspoon Ground Garlic Granules/Powder

3 tablespoons Nutritional Yeast (Marigold is the best brand)

1 teaspoon Olive Oil

Pinch of Sea Salt

Lightly oil your pan or wok, and add the kale in. Start on a low heat.

Add the garlic and salt, and keep stirring the kale around until it starts to wilt.

Add the nutritional yeast and stir well. Continue to cook until it has almost totally softened the kale – it will have reduced hugely in size by now.

Serve with your dish of choice.


I usually serve with pesto pasta, or the gorgeous Quinoa & Brown Rice Burgers from Fry’s Family Foods (pictured above) which as well as being vegan, are also gluten free.

Thanks for reading, do let me know what you think of this recipe!


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