Change the World… With your Underwear

Have you ever thought about the small things you can do which have a huge impact? I often hear many people say that one little thing can’t make a difference, or one person can’t change anything, but I really don’t feel that’s true at all… and neither do the lovely Sarah and Lily behind Y.O.U Underwear

171106_SHOT_09_063 jpg

Sarah and Lily met last year, and were inspired by their shared charitable experiences and their desire to assist women and children who have no access to underwear. This is not something many of you reading this article will easily be able to imagine. We take it for granted that we can put on clean underwear every single day of the year, but for many people worldwide, this is simply not the case.

Y.O.U operates a ‘Buy One Give One’ model, whereby they donate a percentage of their profits via their charity partner Smalls for All in Scotland. This is donated in a way which helps, instead of hurts. A way which empowers the local community and creates long term change.



But simply creating and donating was not enough for these two wonderful women. They wanted to be sure there was fairness and throughout the process. That their business was both socially and environmentally responsible every single step of the way, as well as making their products affordable and therefore more accessible.


Coulpe in nude and grey


Every single article of underwear produced by Y.O.U is ethically manufactured (All fair trade, sweatshop free) from 100% organic cotton, which is better for both people and the planet. The differences in buying organic cotton vs conventional cotton are huge. The fashion industry must start to wake up to this.


With styles for both men and women, and contain an empowering message inside each garment – Y.O.U Make a Difference, this underwear is something very special.  Because each and every one of us matter and can make a difference. No matter who you are or where you are from.

With this powerful attitude, I believe that Y.O.U can easily achieve their mission of becoming the world’s leading ethical and lifestyle brand, that empowers you to look good, feel good and do good.

So, how can you help change the world with your underwear?

Y.O.U are currently crowdfunding to help reach those who need it. They have some exclusive rewards, and every single one is available as a gift card, which will arrive with you by Christmas.

Buy two gifts in one this year. Make the world a better place.

Thank you for reading.


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