Ethical Advent Day 6 – Be A Conscious Consumer

Behind Window 6 of my Ethical Advent Calendar is a life changing subscription to Ethical Consumer Magazine.

Ethics made easy – you can easily see which brands/companies have the highest ethical ratings and those to avoid.

Start making more conscious choices today – make a vote for a better world, with your hard earned money. You have the power to make a change.


Let’s think of the ways that shopping more ethically can change lives…

Empowerment & Quality of Life

Through buying fairly and ethically traded products, we help farmers become less vulnerable to poverty, as they are paid a fair income. This empowers communities and allows for a better quality of life.

Currently the desire for fast, disposable and affordable fashion results in over-worked and underpaid factory workers, who have little to no rights, dangerous working conditions and cannot afford to feed their families.

Farmers and their families are often provided with education and training under ethical trading schemes, which further improves quality of life and the chance of a better future.


Environmental Conservation

Environmental protection is key to the likes of Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance standards – this results in proper land management, conservation of habitats, reduction in emissions and harmful chemicals, and the maintenance of air and water quality. All of these factors affect the lives of humans and animals in the area.

Health & Life

Asien Indien bioRe Biobaumwolle Projekt

Organic standards (for clothing and food production) result in less toxic pesticides. Not only is this a benefit to the environment, but it reduces exposure of farmers and workers to toxins.

Between July and October 2017, at least 50 farmers died from suspected pesticide poisoning in Maharashtra, India. This can be avoided by purchasing organic cotton goods.

Animal Welfare

By choosing to purchase vegan foods, we make a vote for animal rights. Animals are abused daily for their secretions and meat, when we do not need these products to survive. Animals are currently bred for food, and they live a life of suffering. My choosing to avoid these products, you choose to stop an animal being born into suffering.

Choosing to purchase products which have not been tested on animals makes a step towards a future where technologies and alternatives to animal testing are the norm and cruel animal experiments are a thing of the past.


The points I’ve raised in this article are just a scratch on the surface of the huge number of benefits to shopping ethically.

So, if you want to make it easier to shop more ethically, why not buy yourself or a loved one the gift of conscious choice. A gift that only costs £29.95 per year.

The gift of making it easier to help others and make a real difference in the world.

Thanks for reading. Follow me to see what’s behind Window 7.

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  1. ravenamber87 says:

    Reblogged this on Raven's Blog. and commented:
    If anyone wants to buy me this for Christmas, go right ahead 😂

    1. It is definitely worth it! 🙂

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