Festive Marmalade Hot-Nog Recipe

Today the snow is falling and things are feeling rather festive here in the English countryside.

After our lovely walk in the snow this morning, it was the perfect time to get creative in the kitchen and brew up a fabulous festive drink. And what better way than experimenting with these limited edition Christmas Teas from Leaves of the World, who make amazing organic, vegan tea blends in the heart of Yorkshire (keep reading for a discount code).


It was hard to choose which one to pick for my festive hot brew, as I love them all equally. From the rich, nutty Christmas Cake, or the sensual almond Marzipan Dream, to the fruity, spicy Festive Marmalade.

I felt in an citrus kind of mood, and really wanted to make a warm, creamy and intoxicating orange drink to warm the body and the mind, so here it is – my recipe for Festive Marmalade Hot-Nog – totally vegan and fabulous with a mince pie – or two.


My ingredients are very approximate, as I made it up as I went along, but it’s one of those recipes where you will possibly create a slightly different flavour each time.

You will also need to have cold brewed (or hot if you prefer) some Festive Marmalade tea to begin with for at least 6-8 hours, so please get that ready first before reading on.

Cold Brewing

You can see my cold brew bottle in the image above – if you have one of these, simply spoon in 3 teaspoons of Festive Marmalade and fill with cold water. Pop in the fridge and leave to brew for at least 6-8 hours – I usually go for around 24 hours to make it super strong.

You can also do this in a jug and strain the leaves after. Or you can make a strong, hot builders brew and leave it to cool.


Serves 2

2 Mugs worth of Koko Coconut Milk

4 Tablespoons Coconut Milk Powder

(If you would like to use a can of coconut milk instead of these first two ingredients, that will work just as well).

3 tablespoons Festive Marmalade Tea from Leaves of the World

Water for Brewing

2 small Organic Oranges

1 teaspoon Organic Vanilla Extract

2 teaspoons Ground Nutmeg

Cinnamon Stick & Cloves

Sprinkle of Ground Cinnamon

Fruit Syrup/Date Syrup/Agave to taste



Create your cold brew or hot brew (and leave it to cool).

Combine your tea brew with peeled oranges into a blender and pulse until liquid.

Strain your orange tea blend through a sieve into a saucepan.

Add your coconut milk (whatever combination you choose).

Put on a low heat and add spices. Mix gently and leave to heat and brew without boiling.

Add vanilla extract and stir further.

Heat slowly until hot and serve in large mugs, adding a sprinkle of cinnamon to finish and a little dash of sweetener to taste.


Sometimes experiments in the kitchen turn out to be the best things ever. My chief mince pie taster (aka my hubby) said this is absolutely gorgeous with a mince pie – or two – and has already requested this becomes our new festive drink.

If you want to re-create this warming festive brew at home, then head on over to Leaves of the World where you can order all three of their limited edition Christmas Blends. You can even get a huge 20% off with discount code TEANOMADLYNSEY – how great is that!

So, why not pick a bag or three up for yourself and another as a gift for those tea lovers in your life.

All Leaves of the World blends are vegan, certified organic and ethically traded. Did you know that when you drink non-organic teas, the first time the pesticides and chemicals will be washed off the tea is when you pour the hot water over the tea into your cup or teapot? Hmmm. Not really what I want in my cuppa…

So, if you’re inspired to try an ethical brew, Leaves of the World have done all the hard work for you. No need to think or worry about the impact on the environment – just a pure cup of kindness.

Off to put the kettle on…

I am a T-Rep ambassador for Leaves of the World and these teas were sent to me free of charge. All opinions are my own and as always, the ethics of brands are promote are in line with the ethos of Monsoon of Random.

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