Ethical Christmas Clothing – Paying Forwards

Today we’re talking feel good fashion. Fashion which is kind to the environment, and to the people who create it.

The ‘Buy One Give One’ model (buy a pair of shoes, give a pair of shoes to someone in need) has been hugely popular for a number of years, but companies are finding that the ‘Buy One Help One’ model is much more effective. In this way, rather than simply donating a product, companies such as Paying Forwards are providing assistance and education, which is more sustainable and provides longer term benefits.


Paying Forwards sell comfortable casual clothing – for every item sold, they provide education to homeless children.

They stand for slow, organic, and recycled fashion (up to 90% reduction in carbon footprint), rather than environment damaging, human rights violating fast, throw away fashion.

I was kindly sent the gorgeous sweater pictured above, which is made from 60% recycled organic cotton, and 40% recycled polyester. I have to say I can’t stop wearing it – it’s so soft and fluffy inside, it feels like I’m snuggled up in bed at any time of day. So warm, so comforting and the perfect fit. It’s casual, but smart enough to wear to work.

I wear it proudly, knowing the story behind how it was made.

I was also lucky enough to be sent a beautiful bamboo t-shirt. I haven’t had chance to wear it much yet, but it is a beautiful fit and it will be great for keeping cool in the summer.

I just love the quality of the products I’ve received from Paying Forwards. They are made to last and made to feel luxurious. You will want to come back again and again, not just because you are doing good, but because you love them.

Paying Forwards prove that you can still have something luxurious and high quality that you enjoy, whilst giving in return and knowing that you are helping to make the world a better place, rather than feeling guilty every time you wear that £1 t-shirt – because let’s face it, you know the conditions under which it was made can’t have been good.

So why not head over to the shop and grab a gift for a friend or loved one.

These products were sent to me free of charge. All opinions are my own.

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