Ethical Christmas Gifts – Jewellery

Today it’s about beautiful jewellery. The gift that everyone loves to give and receive.

We often thing of sustainability and fair trading in terms of food and clothing, but do we think of the workers who make our jewellery? Do we think about the effects on our environment of extensive mining for silver and gold?


Silver Chilli are a not for profit fair trade company, who bring designer Mexican silver jewellery to the market, whilst enhancing the lives of entire communities.


Silver Chilli pay large deposits up front to fund raw materials (which are reclaimed silver, not mined), work with silversmiths directly to ensure they make a good living and offer fair trade loans to help business expansion. It’s wonderful to be able to see the people who make your jewellery and hear their stores. Pictured above are the Tomasa family, who have been making bangles and pendants for Silverchilli for many years.


100% of profits go to funding the Tasquena Women’s and Children’s Centre in the community where the silversmiths live.  So, not only do they help the silversmiths, they help the entire community – they even paid for an optician to fly out and provide vital eye testing and glasses (pictured above).

The work of Silverchilli is vital for this community to build a sustainable future and better quality of life, rather than just providing short term aid.

Silver Chilli have the most wonderful jewellery, any my husband purchased a gorgeous bangle for me last year. I wear it with pride, knowing that it’s gone towards helping a community of people live better and happier lives.

Getting married? They will even hand craft you a pair of fair trade rings. How beautiful is that?

If you’re looking for a truly ethical Christmas gift for a special someone this year, Silverchilli have lots to choose from and you will be making a difference to the lives of others too.

As well as buying direct, you can also find Silverchilli products on the Ethical Superstore.

Thanks for reading.

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