Christmas Eve Ideas – Reindeer Food

Today is all about keeping the magic of Christmas alive in the hearts of children everywhere.

You’ve probably heard of the new ‘Reindeer Food’ trend. No longer is a carrot a sufficient snack to accompany the mince pie you leave for Santa. Oh no, you must sprinkle glitter laden reindeer food to attract Rudolph to your door (of course, all magical reindeer are flying Santa around the world of their own free will and are very well compensated for their time and efforts).


Now, you may be wondering, if you sprinkle regular plastic glitter in your back garden, that’s not very good for the environment. It will stay in the ground forever and might be digested by small animals, or it will enter the water course where it will pollute the sea.

There’s a very simple answer – biodegradable glitter. It’s wonderful, it’s sparkly and it’s completely Earth friendly.


If you can’t find a supplier of eco-friendly reindeer food, all you need is a small bag, a sprinkle of oats and a dash of the magic glittery stuff!

The glitter pictured is from a company called EcoStardust and they make the most beautiful colour combinations from plant cellulose. 10% of their profits are also given to environmental charities, which makes them extra wonderful in my opinion.

So, you can still keep the magic alive at Christmas, and throughout the year (great for summer festivals) without harming the environment.

Thanks for reading!


On a more serious note, please do not to encourage those events that have live reindeer. Animals are not for our use or entertainment. Your children will remember reindeer more fondly if they are kept as a magical, fantastical wonder – just like unicorns.

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