Christmas Charity Gifts & Donations

Christmas has become a very commercial time of year – we buy things we know are not really needed, to give to someone who doesn’t really need them. Of course, it’s great to get presents, but it’s also great to make someone else’s Christmas a special as yours. Someone who may not be able to gather around a warm fire, eat a huge Christmas meal and spend time with their loved ones.

So, this Christmas, why not consider giving to charity, or gifting a charity gift to someone instead of an item they may not really want. There are many ways to do this, and I am going to share a few of these today.

Charity Gifting


Give the gift of safe water for 10 people, or pay to educate a child. These gifts can be sent as cards, or e-cards so even if you’ve missed the last date for posting, you can still send a gift of goodness.

Remember to choose your gifts carefully from when buying from schemes such as this – buying a goat, sheep or cow may seem like a great idea for a family in a developing country, but it doesn’t help in the longer term; it’s not vegan, and it’s certainly not good for the environment. In fact, despite the obvious lack of benefits for the animal,  grazing animals in sparsely vegetated areas actually leads to a shortage of food.

Sponsor or Support An Animal


There are many opportunities to sponsor animals or donate towards their welfare and wellbeing. These include the WWF (helping endangered and hunted animals) and animal rescue shelters, a few of which I’ve listed below:

Animals in Need, Northamptonshire (Sponsorships)

CatCuddles Cat Sanctuary, London (Donations)

Dogs Trust (Sponsorships)

Hillside Animal Sanctuary

This least is by no means exhaustive and there are a huge number of worth animal charities and rescue centres that need your help this Christmas.

Help The Homeless


You can donate to Shelter or Crisis to help keep homeless people off the streets and in the warm this Christmas.

Perhaps you can even volunteer your time to help at a shelter this year. That’s a gift that no-one can put a price on.

There are many other ways you can support charities at this time of year. From charity gifts and cards, to donations for Christmas Jumper Day at your work place. Let’s all do a little something to make Christmas happier for someone in need.

Thanks for reading!

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