Christmas Crafting – Make Your Own Festive Rag Wreath

Welcome to Day 21 of my Ethical Advent Calendar.

Last weekend I was lucky to attend a small workshop with friends, and learnt how to make a beautiful rag wreath.


A fun and wonderful way of using up scraps of fabric which could otherwise be thrown away. I just love making beautiful things from waste!

Thanks go to Jen from Kashmir Arts for teaching us. Jen teaches regular workshops making rag wreaths, rag rugs and even upcycling furniture classes.

It might be a little late now for getting to a rag wreath class, but it’s a lot of run and really rewarding to make your own, so why not consider looking for one in your local area next year?

Of course, if you’re inspired you can always make your own using these simplified instructions:

What You Need:

A wreath form (polystyrene ring, metal hanger, etc…)

Fabric Scraps


Wooden needle/stick/crochet hook


Firstly, if your form isn’t ready, simply re-shape your metal hanger into a circle.

Cut your fabric into small strips.

Either tie (metal form) or poke in using your needle/hook (polystyrene) your fabric strips and keep going until you have a wonderful wreath.

Finish off with ribbon so that you can hang your wreath with pride.

Yes! It really is that simple!

Have fun!

Thanks for reading. Tomorrow I will be featuring a gorgeous Scandinavian dessert recipe…


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