Christmas – Risalamande Danish Dessert Recipe

I had the pleasure of living in Denmark for 2 years, and I picked up some lovely traditions along the way. One of my favourites is this gorgeous festive dessert called Risalamande. Created in the late 19th century, it is made out of rice pudding mixed with whipped cream, vanilla and chopped almonds, served cold with a warm cherry sauce.


Now, whilst I still love a good Christmas pudding, we tend to make this dessert most years, to follow Christmas dinner . And I have veganized it – of course!


(Serves 4)

200g Pudding Rice
800ml Almond Milk
70g Organic Peeled Almonds – finely chopped (leave one whole)
100g Vanilla Sugar (pre-mixed) – or make your own with sugar and vanilla essence.
400ml Soya Cream
Jar of Cherry Sauce (or cherries in sauce)

We always use high quality, organic and fairly traded ingredients.



Place rice in a pan with cold milk – bring to boil – simmer – then remove from the boil, wrap in towel and leave for 2-3hrs.

Mix in cream, vanilla sugar, and almonds.

Place in fridge to chill before serving.

Warm the cherry sauce and pour over rice.


As part of the tradition, Danes place a single, whole almond into the mix and, whoever finds it in their bowl, gets a special Christmas gift. Much like finding the coin in the Christmas pudding!

Do let me know if you make this pudding and enjoy having a little bit of Scandinavian hygge in your home this Christmas.

Thanks for reading. Keep following for more recipes…

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