New Year.. New You – Self Improvement Gift Ideas by Julie Morris Life & Career Coach

Happy New Year everyone! This time of year is one where 50% of the population set New Year’s Resolutions… and sadly, 90% of those fail. We put too much pressure on ourselves. Why not give yourself a very simple gift of self improvement – nothing to much, just something small. Don’t see it as a resolution, but a reward to yourself for being you.

Christmas might be gone, but why not make an alternative wish list now of things you want to get for your birthday, or treat yourself to.

Today’s article is written by Julie Morris, Life & Career Coach…


Self Improvement Gift Ideas

by Julie Morris

Let’s be honest for a moment – who among us couldn’t use a little self-improvement every now and then? Whether it’s losing weight, kicking a bad habit, learning a new language, or achieving some other worthy goal; our drive to better ourselves is among our noblest instincts. So what better products to add to your wishlist than those which can help you reach your self-betterment goals? Here are some ideas to get your started:

Learn a New Language

 The benefits of learning a new language are substantial, according to writers for The Telegraph. Bilingual people enjoy greater mental clarity and superior multitasking skills.  These advantages are in addition to the potential career and social benefits of picking up a new language. You’ll find many excellent self-taught language programs on the market, each of which has its own unique benefits and considerations. Remember to mention the specific language you would like to learn on your wishlist. Else you may find yourself saying con permiso when you should have said excusez-moi – a mistake which will get you nowhere in a French cafe.


Become More Grateful

 Practising gratitude may sound contrary to the topic of this post. After all, isn’t discontent the springboard of all self-improvement? Well, sorta. You see, as a wise person once mentioned on Huff Post, you can read all the self-betterment books you like and still get nowhere until you start seeing the positive things in your life. One of the best ways to do so is to keep a gratitude journal. Take time each day to write down something for which you’re grateful and you’ll soon start noticing the silver lining in every cloud. You’ll find plenty of gratitude-oriented journals for sale online and at many local retailers. Remember to express your gratitude to the person who buys you one of them.


Colour Yourself Pink…Or Brown, or Blue, or Whatever You Like

 You must have spent the last few years living under a rock if you’ve never heard of the adult colouring craze that’s taking the world by storm. Colouring helps us to disconnect from the sterile world of digital media and reconnect with our inner artist. It induces relaxation and aids mental focus. Plus, it creates all kinds of pretty pictures worthy of framing – or of securing to your fridge with a magnet; whichever you prefer. . You’ll find plenty of these books online and at brick-and-mortar bookstores to add to your wishlist. Remember to ask for the crayons as well – or coloured pencils if you prefer.


Take Some Time

Here’s a thought-provoking question; how much more might you accomplish if you no longer had to prepare meals or tend to other daily living tasks? The difference in your lifelong productivity could be monumental. Even a few days spent free of chores like cooking could give you a head- start on projects you’ve been putting off for years. So why not add a meal delivery gift card to your wishlist? There’s no telling what saving a few hours might mean to your entire life.


Do Nothing

 Spending an entire day doing as little as possible may sound anathema to success-oriented folks like yourself. But you might have things all wrong. Spending day after day with your nose to the grindstone can actually harm your productivity and set you on a vicious cycle leading to all sorts of missed opportunities. So why not ask for a gift certificate good for a day or two at a nice inn or hotel? There you can bask in the luxury of short-term idleness while laying the mental framework for long-term success. Or just sleep late and order room service. It’s up to you.

 There’s no law that says you have to sacrifice self-indulgence for the sake of self-betterment. In fact, the two often come as a package deal. So add some of the ideas from this post to your wishlist and get ready for a better you.


Thanks to Julie for writing this post. You can visit Julie’s website here:

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