Leon are Ditching the Plastic

It’s been 14 years since healthy fast food chain Leon appeared on our high streets and at our airports, offering a range of healthier options when on the move.


I’m excited to share with you that they’ve just announced plans to ditch the plastic and replace all of their plastic straws to paper alternatives; plus their plastic cutlery will now be biodegradable and compostable.  This is a welcome move, highlighting the well overdue need of our society to start moving away from environmentally destructive plastics.


Since Leon’s early days, they’ve also moved further towards sustainability by increasing their plant-based offerings by a huge 30%, and a movedto renewable energy. Things can only be on the up for Leon, as they’ve made it clear that they don’t plan to stop at plastic.

Perhaps a fully sustainable, environmentally friendly, vegan future for Leon? Who knows, I can only dream…




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