Interview with Vegan Music Artist Nathassia Devine

Netherlands born, London based electronic music artist Nathassia is a unique artist, who has recently released her debut album, Light Of The World, Nathassia’s sound is shaped by the intricate similarities and contradictions of music around the world.


With her sound centred on the electronic, she presents a musical realm that is truly East meets West. Boasting a vocal as distinctive as Kate Bush, Mor Karbasi and Yasmin Levy, she delivers intricately crafted, boldly brilliant electronica that will re-shape how your perceive the genre. A real exploration of the light and dark in the world, Light of the World is poignantly thought-provoking.

From her introduction to music at the the young age of 3 and her first microphone, Nathassia has now gone on to self-produce her debut album alongside leading leading underground electronic music producers including British Dubstep producers Stenchman & Pete Ardron.

Nathassia’s sound is truly international, and is a beacon of light in a world that is currently being torn apart by those arguing about their differences. By showing the way in which our differences blend us together, Nathassia effortlessly moves our mind as she captivates us with her compelling beats.

NATHASSIA Press Pic 1 (1)

Nathassia recently transitioned from vegetarian to vegan around a year ago, and is a keen cook. I had a chat with her about her journey into music, veganism and her favourite recipes…


Do you include a vegan message/influence in your music, and how much influence does veganism have on your music in general?

Yes, the general message in all my music is about consciousness, the flow of energy and how this impacts on us all. For example how the trauma of death for billions of animals a year generates such an incredible amount of negative energy for the planet.


Do you show any animal welfare/vegan messages at your gigs?

Yes and this very message will also be covered in my weekly live streaming shows next year on my new TV channel.


Do you think music is a good platform for spreading the vegan message and raising awareness?

Yes I do, for example I can instantly reach fans all over the world in such diverse countries like Egypt, India, Greece, Morocco and Suriname.


nathassia3 (1)


What are your other strong, ethical beliefs and do those influence your music?

As a conscious electronic world music artist I try to weave my beliefs into my music and lyrics. To name a few of them: female & male equality, acceptance of multiculturalism, freedom of control and love consciousness merging with technology.


I understand that you are a keen cook. Can you share one of your favourite vegan recipes with me?

I love cooking but now I’m so busy with my music which means that I have to eat out a lot. However, if I do cook my favourite food is Indian dahl (because I’m half Indian)! My version is really easy, you just boil a pot of red lentils, then you fry lots of cumin seeds, add chopped tomatoes, onions, garlic and every Indian spice and herb under the sun. When it’s all golden brown you add it to the lentils, add coconut milk and fresh spinach, serve with rice… and yum!


Your music is all about light and darkness, and how our differences can bring us together. Can you tell me more about this?

I believe the answer to resolving all our differences is by appreciating each others point of view. This is the key to a better future for us all.


Do you have any thoughts on how we can make the world a more ethical place?

Yes I do, and I have listed my top 3 below:

–   By not judging each other

–   By considering human rights everywhere

–   By being a vegan! I recommend for busy people the free app HappyCow to locate vegan restaurants nearby you.


What is your favourite ethical brand?

I love Lavera, it has a great variety of vegan products from face, body, hair care, sun protection and make-up. You can order their products easily online.


I’d like to thank Nathassia for taking the time to answer my questions. You can listen to her music and find out more on her website.

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