New Year, New Smoothies

So, how are those New Year diets going? Are those intentions to eat a healthier diet still going strong, or have they drifted by the wayside, as your hand has drifted towards the chocolate stash in the fridge?

Perhaps you’d like to start drinking a healthy, nutrient packed smoothie every day, but can’t quite find the motivation or the imagination to cook up great tasting recipes? That’s where I can introduce, Batch Organics…


They deliver flash frozen organic ingredients, sent in individual wax paper cups for you to drink and eat on the move. All you need is a freezer, a blender (for smoothies), and a fridge for the overnight breakfast bowls.

All you have to do to have these lovely ready to go ingredients delivered to your front door is choose your selection (not all are vegan, so do check the ingredients). You can buy once, or get a subscription. You choose.

They are so incredibly easy to use. The idea if you don’t have an ‘Blend & Go’ blender like me, is to tip out the ingredients, add your plant milk (also for sale on the website) blend, and pour back into the recyclable cup, sipping with a straw (the straws are compostible). I have a blender which I can just pop a lid on and leave the house with, so my method has been slightly different…

Pictured above is my favourite of all the flavours sent to me – Espresso & Tahini – it was so amazing, so rich in flavour and was really like an indulgent, yet healthy, milkshake. In all honesty, some of these smoothies are not just for breakfast, they’re great with a vegan burger and chips too!

And here’s the healthy Greens & Ginger – definitely a morning one, with a bit of a kick to get you going!


I’ve really enjoyed each and every one of the smoothies I was sent, and the breakfast bowl was delicious too. They are rich, creamy and take away all the effort. They are very natural, with no added nonsense and a nice balance of nutrients.

Batch Organics were kind enough to send me a range of their smoothies and breakfast bowls to try out. I must state at this point, that I was at the time unaware that they would arrive in packaging using wool as an insulating material. If, like me, you are not comfortable with this, then do bear in mind that they are looking into vegan friendly packaging, so do keep an eye on their website.

I hope they have an alternative soon, so I can get ordering me some more of this goodness!

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day!


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