Love Food, Trust Food. Simplified Food Labelling…

I’ve talked before about how reading labels can be challenging as a vegan. Besides just looking for those sneaky animal ingredients, it can be difficult to work out if something is actually healthy or not. There are so many naughty snacks out there for vegans now, and if you’re tried to watch your salt, sugar or fat intake, it can be a minefield. The FSA have discovered that consumers want food labels to be easier to understand.

Apple with nutriton facts

Recent YouGov surveys have suggested that a whopping 70% of the British public don’t trust food labels. So what can be done to improve this?

Whatsinit? are an exciting new brand, and they are all about making healthier eating easy and convenient for everyone.


Their Love food. Trust food project combines simplifying food labelling, empowering people to make healthier food choices and helping small business grow.


They are in the process of building an assistant, a non-invasive browser extension that works in the background to help you eat healthier. As you do your grocery shop, the assistant scores your food and helps you see how healthy your basket is. It then suggests healthier swaps you can make.


The foods suggested are also sourced from small businesses, so you can eat a healthier diet and help others succeed too. The assistant can be personalised to suit your dietary requirements – and there are plenty of gluten free, vegan foods to keep me smiling.

Some of the tasty foods available include this delicious Cauli Rice – beautiful ground up cauliflower with delicious seasonings – great if you are reducing carbs, or trying to up your vegetable intake. I’ve mixed a pack into my salad today to boost it’s nutritional value…



And how about these fabulous crunchy Wasabi Rice Crackers from Neats… the perfect crisp replacement. I could easily get hooked on these beauties – my new afternoon work snack when the energy reserves start to drop…


So, please consider supporting the Whatsinit? crowdfunding campaign and be one of the first people to sample the latest artisan foods when they are launched. Pledges from £10 upwards will get you some of the yummy goodness…

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day!


These food items were sent to me free of charge for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


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