Earth Conscious Deodorant

I absolutely love natural, cruelty free deodorants, but I hate when they come wrapped in oodles of plastic. So recently, cream deodorants have become a major part of my life – as they mostly come in glass jars or metal tubs, thus meaning they can be fully and effectively recycled, and no petrochemicals have had to be used for their production.


I recently became aware of a lovely eco-friendly brand called Earth Conscious, who were led to make effective, plastic free packaged, natural deodorant by a passion to look after the environment. I was lucky enough to be sent a tin of the Mint-Strong Protection deodorant  to try out…


If you’ve read any of my posts before about natural deodorants, you’ll know that I have rather smelly pits – and many of us do, let’s not be afraid to admit it – and am always on the lookout for something that keeps me fresh for longer.

It’s always worth remembering that natural deodorants are not anti-antiperspirants ( and thank goodness for that) – they still allow us to sweat, rather than keeping all those toxins stuck inside and can block your lymph nodes, which can lead to breast cancer.

Earth Conscious deodorant is antibacterial.  The unique natural formula coupled with the antibacterial and anti-fungal qualities of the ingredients such as coconut oil and sodium bicarbonate mean that your armpits can stay bacteria free all day whilst smelling fresh too.

So, what’s my verdict, after several weeks of use?

Well, firstly, the tin still has absolutely LOADS left in, which means it’s going to last me ages! It’s easy to apply, just scoop a little onto your fingers, and gently rub in. Not to mention it’s super effective, and keeps me smelling fresh, even during a zumba class. Amazing!

Another huge positive for me is the lightweight aluminium tin, which is infinitely recyclable. It also makes it very easy to travel with and is perfect for stashing in hand luggage.

So, why not take a look at the Earth Conscious shop and bag yourself a long lasting tin of cruelty free, vegan deodorant for just £6. You can also take a look at their other zero waste products while you’re there…

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day!

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