Tea Recipe… Hemingway Mojito Mocktail

Welcome to my monthly tea recipe feature! As the sun’s been shining brightly on us all, I’ve been feeling the cold brew bug, and this delicious recipe with one of Leaves of the World’s brand new summer teas, is the perfect way to relax on a hot sunny day. With the Bank Holiday weekend almost upon us, it’s a great one to have ready….


Hemingway Mojito is a gorgeous tea, and has rather rapidly shot up to the top of my favourite teas. With a base of green tea, luscious citrus flavours, a touch of blackberry and just a hint of rum flavour (no alcohol included), it’s the perfect, indulgent and yet, guilt free, blend.

If you don’t have a cold brew bottle, never fear, you can still brew your tea in a jug and use a strainer to catch the leaves once its ready!


Cold brew bottle (or a jug and tea strainer)

Organic Lemonade

1 x Organic Lime

3 teaspoons of Leaves of the World Hemingway Mojito

Fresh Mint Leaves

A little bit of time and patience to cold brew.



Combine 3 teaspoons of tea and fill the bottle/jug with organic lemonade.

Wait for at least 4-6 hours for the cold brew magic to occur. If you can wait longer, give it 24 hours and top up your brew with extra lemonade when you make your mojito.

After you’ve been super patient, all you need to do is pour your cold brew into a tall glass (top up with lemonade if you’ve been extra patient), squeeze a little lime juice in and garnish with a half lime, mint and a reusable straw…


Then sit back in the sunshine and enjoy!

If you’d like to get a special 20% off your first purchase from Leaves of the World, use code TEANOMADLYNSEY20 at checkout…

While you’re still here, do check out my fellow tea-rep Kimberley’s amazing recipe for tea infused sorbet, over on her blog.

Happy drinking!

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