Plastic Free July

Wow. We’re in July already, there’s a wonderful heatwave across the UK and I’m trying my very best to reduce my plastic consumption even further. This month, I’m trying to go as plastic free as possible. Not always easy when many manufacturers seem intent on giving you as much plastic as physically possible!

So, I’ve pulled together some tips to reduce your plastic, with some links to previous blog posts, and will include links to some of my favourite suppliers who have plastic free packaging…

Ditch the Plastic Cutlery

Healthy fast food restaurant Leon recently announced that they will no longer be providing plastic cutlery in their stores, moving instead to biodegradable options. You can do the same

Say No to Plastic Straws


Many establishments have switched away from plastic, but you can always buy your own reusable straw for use home and away.

Remove Plastic from your Bathroom Cabinet

There are many products on the market which are packaging free (shampoo bars) or packaged in cardboard or aluminium. You can also make your own beauty products, such as my tea toner, using re purposed glass bottles.


If you’re using sanitary products, consider a menstrual cup and/or cloth pads. Not only better for the environment, they are better for your health too.


Buy a Veg Box

It’s frustrating how much plastic gets wrapped around fruit and veggies, when most of them come with their own protective skins.

Bypass the plastic and order a veg box – most, if not all of the contents will come plastic free, as the earth made them.

Use Loose Leaf Tea


Many tea bags on the market use plastic to heat seal the bags shut. If you don’t want a cup full of plastic, and bags that won’t break down in your compost heap, then consider switching to loose tea. Leaves of the World are in the process of switching their packaging to 100% biodegradable loose leaf bags. Please feel free to use the code TEANOMADLYNSEY20 for a 20% discount off your first order.

Carry a Cloth Bag

Many people are getting better at this since the plastic bag charges came into effect in the UK. Keep a cloth tote bag in your handbag wherever you go, and you’ll never need to take a plastic bag again

Reusable Lunch Boxes & Water Bottles

Always carry a trusty stainless steel water bottle with you, and make sure to pack your lunch in a box, instead of wrapping in plastics. Take your sandwiches and salads home made to save on the plastic packaging that comes with ‘on the go’ foods.

 There are all sorts of reusable products which you can use instead of plastic. Why not check out the following sites, for all of your plastic free needs…


a fine choice logo FINAL - Copy - Copy_0

Thanks for reading. I hope I’ve inspired you to take part in Plastic Free July. Even if you start to reduce your plastic consumption…


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