Orange Sunburst Ice Pops

The weather has been most delightful, and it’s the perfect excuse for a refreshing ice pop. I love homemade ones, as you can really control exactly what goes into them, especially in terms of sugar content. And I’ve put together a lovely blend of fruit juices and herbal tea, with a lovely health kick of tumeric and ginger.

Leaves of the World have just become the first tea company to introduce completely biodegradable packaging for their online shop. Woo hoo! So, if you choose to make your own freshly squeezed fruit juice, this recipe is totally zero waste.

They have a wonderful blend called Sunburst (pictured below), which features in this recipe. It’s a wonderful herbal tissane filled with citrus fruits and healthy herbs such as tumeric and ginger.


Both ginger and tumeric are great for reduce inflammation, and easy an upset tummy, or staving off nausea. A great combination of the heat makes you feel a little queasy, or you’ve spent the day in the sunshine.

My recipe makes beautiful fruity ice pops, with a vibrant herbal kick of ginger and subtle background flavours. You will have to cold brew the herbal blend for 24 hours, and then allow freezing time. So make these up in advance.

For this recipe, I use silicon ice pop moulds and a cold brew bottle. You can also use ice lolly moulds and a jug (use a strainer to filter out the pieces if using this method).


(Makes 4 Ice Pops)

3 teaspoons Sunburst Tea

450ml mix of organic orange and apple juice


Cold brew the Sunburst blend with the fruit juice for 24 hours, to get the full flavour.

Pour the brew into your ice pop or lolly moulds, and freeze for 8-12 hours.



Leaves of the World have a range of glorious summer teas, some of which are pictured below, and all of which are perfect for cold brewing. My favourites are It’s Strawberry Thyme and That Fig and Peach.  All teas from Leaves of the World are vegan and organic, as well as being packaged in completely biodegradable bags.

You can get a glorious 20% off using discount code TEANOMADLYNSEY20 at checkout.

Why not try them out and experiment with your own flavours of ice pops or cold brew cocktails.

I really hope you enjoy this recipe.

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful summer!




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