Zero Waste Week & Food Packaging

Zero Waste Week is here again and I’m still not 100% zero waste. In this modern world, where plastic packaging is everywhere, I’m not sure it’s just so easy to be completely zero waste. But we can all do our bit.

A selection of zero waste items from Boobalou Eco Living.

I’ve written several articles on different zero waste items I use, and these can be viewed here. Today, I want to talk a little about my frustration with food packaging and what I think we can all do.

I work full time. I don’t live within walking or even reasonable driving distance of my nearest zero waste stores. I couldn’t justify regular drives to these stores for my groceries, as I think this would outweigh a lot of the benefits. I shop with Ocado and I do the very best I can to buy produce in recyclable packaging. I also grow lots of my own herbs and some basic vegetables, including tomatoes.

Home-grown mint and a bamboo straw.

Some of the most heavily plastic packaged foods include tofu, watercress, organic bananas, plus crisps and snacks. I try to avoid vegetable plastic wrapping by purchasing a organic vegetable box – also from Ocado, but available elsewhere to – yet there are just some items I can’t avoid completely yet.

So. What can we do? We can write to our favourite manufacturers and ask them to find an alternative packaging to plastic. Walkers Crisps responded to a recent petition, by agreeing to go plastic free in the future. So, it can be done.

Tea companies are removing plastic from their tea bags due to popular demand, and my favourite loose leaf tea brand Leaves of the World have just introduced completely biodegradable packaging. So at least my tea habit is zero waste.

Leaves of the World Tea

In order to create more change, we have to start petitions, send emails. Make it known to our favourite brands that we don’t want plastic covered food. Plastic activism has to be done, because if we just keep buying without speaking, they’ll just keep wrapping layers of plastic around our food.

What steps have you made for zero waste week? I’d love to hear all about them?

Thanks for reading!





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