A healthier way to eat Chocolate…

Happy International Chocolate Day!

Most of us love chocolate, yet we’re often made to believe there’s not a healthier way to enjoy it. The good news is, raw chocolate really is good for you.

Instead of blitzing cacao beans, the raw chocolate process uses lower temperatures, which preserves all of the lovely nutrients. Cacao is packed full of flavanols, which have been shown to lower blood pressure and (combined with a good diet) lower the risk of heart disease.  You will also find lots of magnesium in raw chocolate – great for reducing anxiety, relaxing muscles and improving your bone and heart health. It’s also lowers the risk of diabetes, having been linked to insulin resistance. Adequate levels of magnesium can help regulate your blood sugar levels.


So, which raw chocolate is the best? To make sure the nutrients and taste are as good as they can be, its best to look for an organic, minimally processed, vegan raw chocolate. I have been a huge fan of Ombar for many years, as they tick all of these boxes, producing a super high quality, rich and amazing tasting bar of chocolate.

Ombar have a large range of flavours, from a vegan, creamy milk style, to a dark 90%, with lots of nutty and fruity (strawberry, goji, blueberry) flavours in between. There are even beautifully indulgent buttons. My absolute favourite is the Coconut & Vanilla centres – raw chocolate encasing a beautiful, soft vanilla centre. Heaven.

The bars cost around £1.99 and although this can seem expensive, if you are used to cheap chocolate, you really are getting what you paid for. Buy a cheap bar and you get very little cacao, which has been burnt and stripped of nutrients, lots of unhealthy fats and processed sugars, and no health benefits at all really. Buy an Ombar and you get a dose of mood boosting, health improving minerals and antioxidants. Not to mention, a taste sensation, organic, ethically produced and fairly traded.

Don’t ask why good quality products are more expensive. Ask why regular foods are so cheap…

Thanks for reading. Have a very happy International Chocolate Day and feel free to indulge on the healthy stuff…


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