Reduce your Paper use with Paperless Post…

This week is Recycle Week and we are being encouraged to be more aware about what can and can’t be recycled, and making sure we recycle everything that we can. Switching to recyclable products is being encouraged. But how about completely reducing a huge area of waste… paper!


In the UK alone, it is estimated that one billion pounds per year is spent on cards, with the average person sending 55 per year. I imagine that doesn’t even include Christmas cards, when most people probably send that amount in a few weeks.

Then there are the party invitations, the flyers, the wedding invitations and save the dates. All of which end up in the bin, with a relatively short amount of time actually being used or enjoyed. It always makes me sad after Christmas to see all of the beautiful cards being thrown away. And when I receive a birthday card, I keep it for a long time, and get lots of enjoyment from it.


Instead of mindless paper use, why not look for high quality, digital products instead. Paperless Post have created a range of elegant, impressive designs for all of the paper invitations and cards you could possibly need. They design in-house and keep up with modern trends to ensure that they match the highest quality physical products on the market.

From a selection of free cards and flyers, to paid for products, Paperless Post allows you to customise everything from the text to the colour and design of the virtual envelope. You can use a pre-existing design or upload your own images and photos. There really is a design for everyone.


One of my favourite parts of the flyer and invitation creation process, is the ability for people to respond directly to your event or party, so you can quickly and easily see who is coming, without needing to wait for slips back in the post.


Halloween is only a month away, so why not check out the wonderful range of spooky invitations and cards on offer..

Of course, once you’ve got Halloween out of the way, the shops will be full of Christmas cards. You can choose the eco-friendly route, with some of these beautiful designs…

Paperless Post also have a great work ethic for their employees. They start the week off  with Bagel Mondays and No Meetings Tuesdays. Work is made easier with plenty of space to stretch out and a kitchen stocked with snacks, fancy coffee, and beer. If you’re in New York, I bet you’ll be running round to their offices to check for vacancies right away!

I’ve enjoyed discovering Paperless Post and I hope you do too. I’d love to get a digital party or wedding invitation and know that my loved ones have considered the environment when they made the choice to go paperless.

What have you been doing for recycle week? Let me know how you have become more aware of how much you don’t recycle, or things that you can do to reduce your recycling waste.

Thanks for reading!

Paperless Post gave me some free digital credits for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.


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