Mindful Tea Drinking

Are you always in a rush? Running around, from one task to the next, resentful of your daily routines and chores. Doing things on auto-pilot. We’re all guilty of it. We don’t even take the time to enjoy preparing the things that give us pleasure.

We even hurry over making that cup of tea. That cup of tea that’s going to give us a chance to sit down, to enjoy the tastes and sensations. To take a moment to ourselves. So, why not start that moment from the time we switch the kettle on?  Making a cup of tea is such a beautiful, enjoyable process if you take the time to be in the moment. It’s best done with your favourite tea – preferably loose leaf, as you can interact more and enjoy the scooping of the tea into the pot, and watch as the leaves dance in the water.

I’d like to share my mindfulness tea process with you…

Choose Your Tea


Take a moment to check in with yourself. How do you feel? What do you need from the tea you are about to make for yourself? Do you need to relax, energise, indulge? Whatever you need, select the tea for your needs.

If you have several teas, take time to smell the blends you are choosing between. Take some deep breaths. Focus on the ingredients.

Chill Winston is my infusion choice of the month. It’s the perfect blend to wind down with at the end of the day, and totally caffeine free. With chamomile for relaxation, lemongrass for calming the mind, peppermint and fennel for digestion and a glorious mix of strawberry and apple bits to make a delicious brew.

Prepare Your Tea

From scooping your tea out of the bag, to filling the kettle with water and pouring onto your leaves, be in the moment. Be fully aware and present at each step. Think of the process. Don’t think of the day that has gone, or the meal you are going to prepare for dinner.


Enjoy the sounds of the water flowing from the tap, the kettle heating up to boil. The steam and the smells as your tea starts to brew, and the colour changes. Take a moment to smell your tea before taking it to the place where you will enjoy it.

Drink Your Tea

Choose somewhere quiet to enjoy your tea. This could be the sofa, your favourite chair, your yoga mat whilst sitting cross-legged. Anywhere you can feel uninterrupted and at peace. The TV should probably not be on in the background.

Take a moment to be thankful for your tea. Be grateful that you have clean, running water, access to this wonderful tea, and the safe environment to drink it in. Gratitude is important.

Drink your tea slowly. Enjoy every sip. Notice the flavours. The sensation of the hot liquid and how it feels on our lips, your tongue and down your throat. Notice how the cup feels in your hands. Notice the movement of your arms, lifting the cup up and down.

Notice any thoughts that come up during this time, but let them go. Don’t invite them along to have tea with you! Simply keep observing each moment, each sip, each feeling.

You don’t always have to follow the whole process. Sometimes just a moment or two of mindfulness inserted into your day can make a difference. Perhaps you can take a few mindful sips at work, before continuing to read those emails, or make your tea in a mindful manner.

Any mindful practices during the day will help your brain recover from the constant onslaught of new information, of worries and concerns, of stress and workloads.

If you would like to browse the range of teas from Leaves of the World, take a moment to enjoy the flavour combinations.

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  1. Hi there,
    I am selling eco-friendly tea and wondered if you would like to receive some samples to review.
    My website is http://www.totemteashop.co.uk
    Have a look and let me know:)
    Virginie Holden

    1. Thanks so much. I have sent you an email. I hope you enjoyed my rice pudding recipe. 🙂

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