The Best Ways to Naturally Clean Your Car

When we read tips on keeping the environment free from toxic chemicals, we are often told about the products we use to clean our home, or that we use on our bodies. But have you realised how much damage keeping our cars clean can do? Especially when they are often washed directly into the drains and the water system. In many towns and villages, everything that goes down our outside drains goes straight into the local brook or watercourse. No filtering. No catching of chemicals. Scary huh?

I was delighted to come across The Zebra’s guide to cleaning your car naturally. This will not only save the environment, but your pocket too. It’s amazing just how easy it is to clean without harsh chemicals – you’ll be surprised that you probably have most of the ingredients already.


The Zebra knows it’s important to keep our cars clean to keep them lasting longer, but they also know harsh cleaning products can be harmful to the environment. So, they decided to create this amazing eco-friendly guide for washing your car!

The guide lists different green interior and exterior cleaning mixtures for every type of gunk and grime your car will run into. It also lists different tips and tricks for saving water and minimising waste. The tips not only help you be environmentally conscious, they also help you save some money by using simple household products.

Check out the full info graphic below. I just love the tree sap and tar remover. Before finding this guide, I was always wary of what I used to clean the car in case it damaged the paintwork.


Thanks to The Zebra for letting me share this fabulous guide. Do give these recipes a try and let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading. Have a fabulous day.

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