Viva Las Vegans – Comedy Night Review

What happens when you combine four vegan comedians, a room full of vegans, one vegetarian, a sprinkle of omnivores, and a dog? Well, it’s an interesting night out in Leicester, that’s for sure!


Viva Las Vegans is the world’s only comedy club with a vegan focus. They exclusively use vegan comedians and make it a vegan friendly environment. Everyone is welcome – you don’t have to answer a quiz about nut milks at the door or give a secret herbivore password to gain entry. Last week we headed to the Criterion in Leicester to check out the vegan comedian scene.

Enter Matt Hoss, the creator of Viva Las Vegans, hilarious comedy act and compere. A seasoned, passionate comedian, who has been performing since the age of 19, Matt stalled perfectly while the first billed comedian was delayed, enthralling us with tales of the single life and the tribulations of life in general. It was great to get more of Matt’s humour and he seemed to get a lot of enjoyment out of making us perform, applause and cheer at every available moment!


Sean Morley arrived a little flustered after a long journey on the National Express. The self described “kindest man in the East Midlands” soon eased into a hilarious back and forth with members of the audience. Very dry and satirical situational comedy – much of it based around something as simple as faking not being able to use a microphone stand.


After a short break, Katie Mitchell swooped onto stage with a framed portrait with a nose whole cut out. Her dada-istic ( if we can invent that word, but we can because were talking about dada here) performance was one of the weirdest and most brilliant new acts I’ve seen in a while. To say off the wall would do her a huge disservice. The brilliance of dada at it’s best, with props, stories about body pillows, and full on insanity.


Last but very much not least, Chris Stokes – seasoned comedian and comedy writer – entertained us with his slick and flawless routine. Such a natural, you could have been forgiven for thinking you were sitting having a chat with Chris at the bar. Chris gave us a comedy peek into vegan life, which touched home with just about all of us in the audience, and was just about to finish up with, what I can only imagine was going to be a show stopper, when the most gorgeous dog came up on stage and stole the show.


Ever the professional, Chris – slightly distracted by the demanding, legs in the air, dog – changed his show around to an ooo-ing and aah-ing audience, to talk about how dogs really had made us evolve to do their bidding over 15,000 years, and not the other way around!  A very impressive response to having his limelight stolen. Only at a vegan comedy show could this be such a hit!


To sum up, we had a wonderful evening. One of the funniest, most enjoyable comedy shows we’ve been to in a long time. I highly recommend getting along to a show.

Viva Las Vegans returns to the Criterion in Leicester on 31st January 2019, and Leicester Comedy Festival on 10th February, where Matt also has a number of gigs.  Do check out the website for more details and other locations.

Thanks for reading. Viva Las Vegans!

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