Can you Think like a Vegan?

Do you think like a vegan? What a strange question, I hear you say. But, do you? Or do you have lots of pre-conceived ideas when you heard the term “vegan”? Perhaps you’ve heard something about vegans that you didn’t like. Maybe you’ve had a vegan talk to you and it’s made you think about something you didn’t feel quite comfortable thinking about? I’d like to invite you to set those things aside.

Would you know how to apply the broad concepts of veganism to practical situations and real life scenarios? Do you give much thought to your daily ethical decisions relating to animal use? In the book, ‘Think Like A Vegan‘, authors Emilia Leese and Eva Charalambides encourage the reader, through a series of thought-provoking essays, to think of the very simple, basic concept that vegans adhere to – that using animals is unjustified and unnecessary.

Emilia and Eva encourage us to see the injustice towards animals as linked to the systemic injustices in society, and to recognise that in order to create a fair world for animals, we need to seek to reject and redress the injustices perpetrated on humans. This gives the book a unique perspective and combination of topics, including; animal agriculture and its effects on people and the environment; why we should adopt animals; what’s the problem with organic meat or cages; the economics of plant based foods; plus veganism and feminism.

“Think Like A Vegan” is the only book with a whole chapter of thought experiments and real-life scenarios to help readers apply the broad concepts explored in the book, and find practical solutions. It’s not just for vegans. It’s for anyone interested in veganism, its ideals and what even non-vegans can learn from its practice.

The book is being published via Unbound – and their hybrid publishing model means that the authors could write the book they wanted to write. If the crowd-funding campaign is successful, they will then have the benefit of traditional publishing expertise. To reach this point, the campaign needs our help.

You can support this campaign at a number of levels, with various rewards, the most basic being your name in the back of the book, right up to a beautiful holiday in Scotland. Or dinner and a chat about veganism with Emilia herself – an opportunity which is valuable and not to be wasted.

So, if you currently think like a vegan, and care about animals and the environment, give this project a little support and love. Whether it’s monetary, or by sharing on social media and among your friends. This book wants to make an emotionally charged topic less confusing, and more simple.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Emilia is a good friend, but I have nothing to gain from promoting this book, except the pleasure of making it a reality, and improving the communication surrounding veganism.

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