Living on the Veg – UK’s First Vegan Cookery Show on TV – This Sunday!

This month, possibly more often called Veganuary than January in certain circles nowadays, has become one of much excitement. Last year, I was overwhelmed on a visit to Sainsbury’s supermarket, to see Veganuary signage, with entire sections dedicated to delicious plant based foods. This year, 2020, it’s been a battle amongst cafes and supermarkets to launch new products. With Pret launching a vegan croissant, and Greggs set to send Piers Morgan into meltdown with their new vegan steak bake, there’s never been a better time to be vegan. Except perhaps from Sunday, when the UK’s first ever vegan cookery show is launching on mainstream TV. WOW!

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Much loved vegan foodies Ian & Henry of BOSH have been amazing us with their fantastic food videos on YouTube for years, and they’ve published a string of books. And now they’re bringing us, Living on the Veg – a ten part cooking series which airs on Sunday 12th January on ITV at 10.30am. Yes, that’s ITV. I’m sure Pier’s will be getting ready to watch with his vegan sausage roll for breakfast!

So, if you’re a long term vegan, you can finally stick on a cooking channel on Sunday morning, instead of reaching for the remote to stop the assault of animal products on your eyes. And if you’re trying Veganuary for the first time – you’re in luck. Ian & Henry are about to prove there’s no need to stick with beans on toast, or lentils!

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The show is packed full of the delicious plant-based food you’ve come to expect from BOSH! and features some mega cool guests. So, gather your friends and family – including those doubters who think you eat rabbit food, and get watching.

This TV show really is a marker in time for the whole vegan movement – I am so excited to be able to sit down and watch a cookery show on prime time Sunday morning TV for the first time since going vegan. It’s huge! It really shows that things are changing, and hopefully it will open the eyes of those who had never considered going vegan.

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I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited about getting up on a Sunday morning. Let’s show BOSH and ITV how much we want this and get some huge viewing statistics! Sunday 12th January, 10.30am, ITV. See you there – virtually!

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