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Remember the days when you couldn’t talk about sex in public, without stumbling, or blushing or someone telling you it was rude? Whilst times have changed, I still feel there’s a huge taboo when talking about sex, periods, sexuality, and menopause. Particularly for women. I still find that society generally accepts a conversation based around sex, tits and shagging from a bunch of men or boys, but if it’s a bunch of women or girls? Hmmm.. I’ll let you draw your own conclusion.

'Tampons and tea' advert banned in Ireland following 84 ...

And based on the fact that a “how to put a tampon in properly” Tampax advert has recently been banned for complaints of it being too crude and inappropriate, I’d say we have a long way to go. I want to get rid of the days of adverts with blue liquid being poured onto a sanitary towel, whilst a young woman who would probably be rather uncomfortable is skating around in a tiny white skirt! Periods aren’t pretty or enjoyable. They’re messy, uncomfortable and often cause lots of issues for those experiencing them. Even with the most confident of attitudes – I’m not sure many of us would wear white whilst menstruating.

Anyway, I do digress slightly. I didn’t come here today to write about periods and the ridiculous banning of adverts. I’m going to write about lubricants and vaginal moisturiser instead – and if you find that uncomfortable or cringe-worthy, you should probably look away now. Here’s a picture of a kitten, so you don’t accidentally read further than you want to!

Vaginal Dryness – wow I do pick the most mind blowing topics here – is a common and distressing condition, which due to hormonal changes, many women, and transgender men will experience at some point in their lives. It’s often caused by menopause, hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle, childbirth, hormone treatments, trans men taking testosterone, illness, medications, allergies and emotional distress. It is a very uncomfortable condition and can cause people to lose their sense of sexuality and feeling good about themselves.

This discomfort can be relieved with the use of water-based intimate lubricant or vaginal moisturiser. Certified organic YES WB water-based personal lubricant and YES VM vaginal moisturiser offer superior moisturising power and purity, are soothing, kind and rapidly effective. Guaranteed pure and natural by their certified organic status, they both offer instant relief from itching and soreness.

Why Natural & Organic?

A medical professional once said to me, with regards to toothpaste, “Don’t put in your mouth what you wouldn’t be happy to consume”. This is because the mucous membranes of the mouth are extremely absorbent, and much of what we put onto our skin is already absorbed into the blood stream – even more so on this thin, delicate tissue. The same therefore must apply to vaginas – they after all, are delicate mucous membranes and it’s necessary to take good care of them, not disrupt the natural pH balance and not absorb anything we don’t want to.

YES lubricants are formulated from plant extracts to give the most natural feeling lubrication possible and to increase sexual pleasure and comfort for everyone involved. This table from the YES website, clearly shows how they are different from other brands, and what they don’t contain. All of the ingredients of concern would be much more rapidly absorbed through the mucous membranes of the vaginal walls, than other areas of skin, and therefore extra care should be taken when choosing a product for these sensitive areas.

Lubricant Ingredients - YES!, KY Jelly, Durex Play, Sylk & More

I’ve been avoiding as many artificial chemicals as possible for approximately 13 years now, and when YES contacted me to try their products, I was more than happy, reading the ingredients and certifications. I found them to be better than anything I’d tried before and the moisturiser is particularly soothing, and will be a real comfort to many people, I’m sure. It’s a safe, and easy to use product, which I highly recommend. The tubes are plastic, but fully recyclable, as is the cardboard box they are contained in. I’m not sure what the plastic free alternatives to packaging for lubricants are – but I’m sure it could get messy!

Thanks for reading! Here’s to your comfort and enjoyment.

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YES sent me these products free of charge for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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