Ksoni – Black Owned Vegan Beauty

In addition to protesting, signing petitions, making donations, and making calls to government officials, another great way to make your voice heard and support Black Lives Matter is to purchase from black-owned beauty and fashion brands.

Joti and Banasa – Founders of Ksoni

Many people don’t realise that the financial impact of COVID-19 has generally affected black-owned brands harder than others. Housing Wire reported that this is largely due to limited access to capital, at least in the US, but likely worldwide. The New York times article, “How We Spend Tells Us Whose Lives Matter” looks more into this inequality. Looking at the long term, it is therefore vital to support these businesses now.

Recently, I wrote a guest post for Viva – Top 5 Vegan Beauty Brands for Black People. One of the brands I featured were Ksoni. A brand formed out of a passion for tackling plastic waste and our impact on the earth.

They noticed growing numbers of consumers who wanted to purchase products that made a positive impact on the environment but felt they were lacking in options that actually worked for their diverse bodies or lifestyles, and met the needs of the black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) community.

Offering a fun range of shampoos, conditioners and body washes in aluminium cans and tubs – it certainly looks better than plastic and is much better for the environment. Aluminium cans are the best alternative to plastic to instigate change, enabling consumers to easily embrace the circular economy by re-using materials and keeping them out of landfills. Infinitely recyclable, the aluminium is back on the shelves within six weeks. The plastic-free ‘Ksoni cap’ is also available to purchase to avoid spills and provide a precision pour. Here are some more aluminium facts for you:

🌍 Aluminium is infinitely recyclable.⠀

🌍 Aluminium has one of the highest recycling content & rate.⠀

🌍 The infrastructure currently exists to recycle every can.⠀

🌍 75% of aluminium ever produced is still in use today.

🌍 Cans are among the lightest containers to transport.

🌍 Each can you place in a recycling bin can be back on the shelf within 60 days.

The challenge with marketing natural products, is that so many people think they’re not as high quality or effective, and Banasa and Joti wanted to address this. I think they’ve done an amazing job of producing natural, spa quality, luxury shampoo, conditioner and body washes.

Filled with a heady aroma of essential oils to suit everyone, there are three ranges – rejuvinating Jivati, hydrating Unati and invigorating Zakti. Having tried the conditioner and body wash, I am completely hooked on the Jivati range, which contains the most intoxicating blend of mood boosting bergamot, with grounding frankincense. This range is designed to help relieve mental tension, and I find it absolutely wonderful for getting me going in the morning, picking me up and helping me start a new day with a positive mindset. I’ve found that the scent lingers with you for some time, especially the conditioner – which is just wonderful. It really makes me feel like I’m being pampered in the shower. It’s also great before bed, to wash away the stresses of the day.

The Jivati range is the perfect balancing treatment for those with oily skin, such as myself, with its natural soothing anti-bacterial agents. It boosts skin complexion and prevents clogged
pores, reduces dandruff and promotes hair thickness.

I haven’t had the pleasure of trying the other two ranges, but I am sure they are just as fantastic, offering a real sense of sustainable luxury.

The Unati range offers a deeply moisturising experience for dry hair and skin. Infused with floral ylang ylang, calming lavender and hydrating argan oils to provide the perfect way to unwind and relax after a long day. Unati serves as a great conditioner for your hair, leaving it more manageable with less tangles and dryness – perfect for the curly girls, or those seeking a truly hydrating experience for dry or coloured hair without weighing the hair down.

The Zakati range blend is designed to nourish the hair from the roots strengthening the hair follicle, improving blood circulation to promote hair growth. The blend of oils can remove harmful chemicals from the hair and scalp including parabens and waxes from hair products used throughout the week. It also tackles excess oil that can cause skin break-outs and is a wonderful cleanser for sensitive skin.

Sustainability is at the heart of Ksoni, and they invested in joining the BCorp community to ensure that its products meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, with full certification status expected by the end of 2020.

So please, support small, ethical brands. Support black-owned businesses. Support sustainability, equality and compassion.

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Ksoni sent me two products, free of charge, for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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