Saving the Planet doesn’t mean Bad Hair!

We you aware that traditional liquid shampoo and conditioners are at least 80% water? This means they need to be packaged in bottles – usually plastic – and often contain harsh chemicals to stabilise ingredients. However, when you remove the water from the equation, you can also say goodbye to the plastic packaging and unnecessary chemicals.

I’ve had a few experiences with bar shampoo myself, and I’ve usually found that it takes some time for my hair to adapt to the new formula, or that it doesn’t work on my thick hair, with oily tendencies. In fact, sometimes the nature of the soap in the bar, dries out hair and can often make it tangled and unmanageable. Yet, I’ve discovered a brand who produce soap free bars. Soap free? But how do they clean, I hear you say….

Many shampoo bars on the market are just soap – disguised as shampoo! KIND2 shampoo bars and conditioner bars are vegan and free from plastic, soap, sulphates, silicones and parabens. meaning that they contain plant-based cleansing ingredients combined with nourishing oils.

Have you ever washed your hair with a shampoo bar, only to find that it feels dry, sticky and strange afterwards? I know I have, and I’ve despaired over not being able to help the planet by using this eco-friendly format. Now I can wash my hair knowing that I’m not going to be adding to the nightmare of ocean plastics.

Soap is alkaline, whereas our skin, is slightly acidic. As a result of this imbalance, soap can strip away the essential oils from your hair – explaining the dull, rough feeling. And you don’t need suds, or foaminess to clean your hair – it’s a myth!

My experience with these bars was amazing. I was sceptical of course, having tried several before, and not being hugely impressed. I was blown away by the fact that after just one wash, my hair reacted like it does to any other shampoo. It takes a while to get enough of a lather up to put into your hair, but that’s not an issue for me. It’s so handy for going on holiday (even though I’m not doing much of that right now) and perfect for washing my fringe over the sink in the mornings! My hair feels soft and clean. Combined with the conditioner (which you simply rub over your wet hair) it’s super shiny too. I’m a total convert. No more bottles for me.

But don’t rely purely on my experience, the Kind 2 – Hydrating One was this year’s winner at the Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing Awards. And the conditioner is nominated for one too.

A bar of Kind2 shampoo is £12.50, replaces approximately 500ml (2 bottles) of shampoo, or 60 washes. One bar of the conditioner is £15.95 and a substitute for 500ml of conditioner, or 80 washes. I think this is great value, when I compare the price to my regular products. Plus, you’ve got the environmental benefits of zero waste haircare to consider.

They’re easy to store in the shower – it’s recommend you let them dry between uses and you can order soap dishes on the Kind2 website. I personally use a soap tin and leave it open after use.

It’s great to be able to reduce your impact on our wonderful planet, bit by bit. I usually encourage people to change just one product at a time – small steps, big changes. And I hope you can see from this post that saving the planet doesn’t mean dirty hair!

Thanks for reading!

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