Making Reusables the New Normal

Once upon a time, two physics graduates got together and decided they wanted to do something different with their lives. Something good for the planet. Something that would make a real difference. And Ohelo was born…

Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

More than 8 million tonnes of plastic a year ends up in the oceans, and 2.5 billion single use coffee cups are used each year in the UK, yet less than 1 in every 400 is actually recycled. This year, with Coronavirus taking over, there’s been a huge return to the use of disposable cups, with many coffee shops banning reusables, despite nearly 120 scientists, academics, and doctors having published a statement confirming that reusable containers (like coffee cups) are safe to use during the pandemic, as long as they’re washed properly. These experts say that normal household disinfectants work well on hard surfaces, such as reusable cups and containers. In fact, Bristol-based plastic pollution campaign group, City to Sea suggest that you can also ask the barista to make your coffee in their own metal or ceramic cups and then pour it into your reusable cup for #ContactlessCoffee.

Coronavirus is already causing huge problems, we can’t let it take over and allow the planet to continue choking in plastic. So why not get a stylish new mug, and encourage your local coffee shop to allow reusables again.

Reusable bottles are everywhere now, and it’s pretty easy to find a leak proof one – although you may well want to check out Ohelo’s range. However, if you’re still struggling with the portable tea/coffee issue then keep reading. Even the most leakproof travel mugs, always seem to perform best only when kept upright. And even if you’re working from home, and not taking the bumpy train/bus/car, soggy bag risk on a daily basis, there’s still that “oh, I forgot my tea/coffee and now it’s cold” moment we’ve all experienced after getting interrupted or being invited to impromptu meetings! Ohelo has an insulated tumbler for that – and you can even use it for making loose leaf tea!

With huge claims of being the best reusable cup on the market, I had to put the claims to the test and try it out. So what’s actually different about the Ohelo tumbler?

Firstly, it’s a truly multi-functional product. From water, to tea or coffee, and even protein shakes and loose leaf tea. Being insulated, it’s hot at keeping things hot, and cool at keeping things cold (not suitable for carbonated / fizzy drinks). Mine has become my new work at home desk buddy – I never have to worry about that abandoned cup of tea, because it’s always warm.

It has a special drinking lip, which can be poured from any angle, and is perfect for when you’re on the go. The leakproof claims are 100% true – I took the true test of walking down to the shops with it thrown casually in my bag, and not one single drop of liquid escaped. The stainless steel mesh attachment is perfect for protein powder (shake for the gym), loose leaf tea, fruity chunks or herbs, and the stainless steel won’t leach the flavours like plastic can. The beautiful designs (mine is the lovely bee edition – inspired by the natural world) are laser printed and won’t fade with time – but keep them out of the dishwasher!

Almost all insulated reusable bottles are still using a material that contains lead to seal in their vacuums? Well, Ohelo are not – all of their products use a lead free solder, safer for the makers and the planet. They are also completely free from BPA, BPS and BPF plastics. Not to mention that the packaging is 100% plastic free – absolute perfection.

I absolutely love my new tumbler – it’s my favourite already, and I’m using it at my desk, working from home on a daily basis now. I’m not going out and about as much as usual, given the current situation, but I can’t wait to take it to festivals and when travelling again next year. Hopefully I’ll give my local baristas mug envy too!

Ohelo products are currently responsibly manufactured in China. Despite investigating manufacturing closer to home, there are unfortunately no manufacturers for these types of products anywhere in Europe. The suppliers have been independently assessed to ensure high levels of product safety and quality control. Ohelo is family owned , and they have personally visited the facilities themselves.

Ohelo’s distribution centre which is 100% powered by renewable energy and has an on-site solar farm. They also donate 5% of their profits to charitable organisations. A truly conscious company. and one that I’m certainly proud to be seen using. So why not take a look at their beautiful range – they make the perfect Christmas gift for just about anyone.

Ohelo sent me this product free of charge for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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