Challenge Yourself to Ditch Single Use Plastic for One Day!

Could you go 24 hours without purchasing or using any single use plastic – including coffee cups, water bottles, food packaging, straws or bags?

Single use plastic is a huge threat to our environment and oceans, and you can help reduce this by making a few small changes. It’s easy to think that one person can’t make a difference, but if just one million people all reduce their consumption by one single item, it really does have an impact.


Global WAKEcup are a conscious company providing sustainable alternatives to single use bags, bottles, cups and straws – and they have partnered with The Marine Conservation Society, and are aiming to inspire 1 million people around the world to take part in the challenge to ditch single use plastics for one day.

Over the summer, we took this beautiful cutlery set on many picnics with us, and with the rise of staycations at the moment, it’s a great choice. You can even take it to work, so you’re not risking shared implements. Why not pick one up and get a free pack of bamboo straws with your order?


As well as having a direct impact on single-use consumption, the challenge aims to encourage people to be more mindful of the small changes that can be made to daily routines and reduce our single-use plastic footprint for longer than just one day.

You can take this challenge on any day this year, and by sharing the campaign on social media, with your experiences and tips, you can help raise awareness and encourage society and governments to move away from our disposable culture.

I’d love to know if you’ve got involved and taken the challenge. Please tag me in your posts or let me know how you’ve got on below. And why not take a look at the reusable alternatives available.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great challenge to encourage more people to ditch single use plastic. I think if we make such conscious consumer decisions, we learn in what areas of our life we can relatively simply replace plastics by other options and on a permanent basis 🙂

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